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My communications consulting and contract work

I have worked with diverse stakeholders -from arts organizations to investment banks- on communications initiatives for a variety of audiences. I've developed strategy and managed projects across all forms of media from concept to analysis. 

As a journalist I learned how to listen, how to translate complicated terminology and jargon for non-expert audiences, and how to tell stories. These skills are equally important in communications, external or internal.  As a communications consultant I've created hundreds of pieces for the likes of Bloomberg LP, Columbia University, and Time Inc. That includes:

emails, newsletters, press releases, speeches, op-eds, white papers, presentations, magazines, employee profiles, how-to's, social media posts, web pages, video scripts

And I'm not at liberty to share any of them. Well, most of them. I take non-disclosure and proprietary information agreements seriously.

I can show off work I did for The Pulitzer Prizes. I spent a year creating and managing the brand's digital communications. Check out the Instagram account. There were 30 followers in January 2016.

Please email me for more details.