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Constellation Brands turns to the sun to power its Clos du Bois winery

NYSE: Capturing the Spirit
Winemakers have always partnered with the sun in pursuit of their craft. “One of the fun parts,” says Gary Sitton, Clos du Bois’ director of winemaking, “is adapting to Mother Nature to still make a strong wine.”

But Clos du Bois has taken the relationship a bit further. Situated on hundreds of acres dotted with cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel grapes, the winery’s gabled roofs and carports now support 4,164 solar panels that absorb enough sunlight to generate about 80 percent of its energy needs, explains Capital Projects Manager Greg Stocker. Given the energy-intensive process of making wine — not least because the 38,000 barrels of wine that typically are aging at the facility need to stay cool — the solar array, which went live in February, is expected to save Clos du Bois $1 million in energy costs each year.

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Crane & Co. 200 Years In

DALTON, Mass. ( -- Crane & Co. is best known for its high-end writing papers, but the stationary company's cash cow is, literally, cash.

In business for more than 200 years, Crane -- rumored to have supplied Paul Revere with the paper that served as the American colonies' first non-coin money -- today pulls in 80% of its revenue from making currency for countries all over the world. From its headquarters in Dalton, Mass., the privately-held company continually experiments with new anti-counterfeit technology in its R&D labs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Sweden. Its latest high-tech breakthroughs showed up in the redesigned $100 bill that entered circulation in April.

Charles Kittredge, the company's 58 year-old CEO, recently sat down with CNNMoney to talk about company lore and his newest challenge: Finding ways to make his family's paper company relevant in an increasingly digital world.
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The End of Snap, Crackle, and Pop Culture

Writer Sara Pepitone gets to the bottom of the bowl, only to find the silence deafening:

Organic Rice Krispies were in my life for many months before I acknowledged their silence. In a recent "don't have enough" situation, I added regular Rice Krispies—my cupboard is stocked for such emergencies—to the mix and suddenly I saw the light. I mean, heard the light. Organic Rice Krispies have no Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

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Ferran Adrià: The Science of Food

One of the most exciting stories I have ever written involved a coffee date with Ferran Adrià (and his translator). Exciting here means I was actually a bit nervous to sit down with someone who had been interviewed so many times by so many people and was such a big deal. Amazingly I had questions he'd never before been asked. Flattering to be told so. Exciting.

Download PDF, scroll past cover page, to read the story: Ferran Adrià: The Science of Food

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