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Sustainability Is a Best Practice

Heifer International Edu Center: roof water spillway

Sustainability is not just a marketing buzzword. According to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, today and in the future. And all around the country (and world) architects and designers are working to achieve just that.

Read complete story, with its many mini slideshows, here: Interior Design: Sustainability Is a Best Practice

Izakaya in NYC: Hitting the Spot

Yopparai's Sake Rice Demo

As I have mentioned to many people, my recent izakaya story - Hitting the Spot - was unbelievably fun to research. One of the things I leaned is that i-zaka-ya = sitdown/stay-sake-shop, which roughly translates to: I'm drinking more sake than ever. And I highly recommend you do the same, since most of these small plates we find at our local izakayas are developed with sake in mind (much like fine dining and wine). A sip of sake literally makes the bite of kushiyaki or karaage taste better.
But they won't kick you out for ordering beer. Either way, check out New York City's newest izakayas for a great night out.

Photographer At Work: Christian Johnston Does City Island

Christian and I had a pretty great day on City Island last week, and meeting Jackie Kyle Kall (photo above) was a major highlight. She is amazing. Jackie's grandfather started Port of Kall Realty in the 1880's, and she's been working there for 60+ years. Stop in the shop when you visit City Island and she just might take you out for a Jackie Martini. A triple. She's a character, to say the least. Living NYC history.