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Photographer at Work: Gabi Porter

Gabi at prohibition
Gabi and I have not worked together since Booker & Dax opened in January. Fun to cover cocktails - in glasses, and in baked goods - with a cocktail fanatic. Given the above, it should not be hard to imagine how much better her photos are than mine.

Here's the story in The New York Post: Sugar & vice: New booze-filled cupcakes have patrons buzzing — and reaching for their IDs. Gabi's planning to post out-takes on her site. I'll let you know.

Museums as Design Innovators

“You need to be thoughtful to engage the public,” says Julien Anfruns, Director General of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). “Innovation is at the heart of museums today.” Since its creation in 1946, under the auspices of the U.N., ICOM represents and supports the museum community in such issues as diplomacy, disputes, and trafficking. And they’ve evolved, always updating the definition of ‘museum’ to correspond with the ever-changing global society. Some 30,000 are within ICOM’s network, all keen to accommodate visitors.

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Boozy Ice Pops in NYC


Everyone who knows me, or has ever paid attention to my rambling, knows I'm all about research. Whatever the subject - dessert, energy efficiency, the decline of restaurant culture - I find everything and everyone with information (often relevant). This is why I know that it's illegal to use the p-word when referring to the majority of ice pops (frozen lollipops) on the market. It can even be illegal to refer to Popsicles (capital P; do a spell-check if you don't believe me; because spelling software is a primary info source) as Popsicles.

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