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Brooklyn Kitchen and Brooklyn Brewery's GastroBall Costume Party

photo by Dan D’Ippolito
I don't normally share Hot Picks here, but this one is so great: If wearing your food is your thing, the Brooklyn Kitchen and Brooklyn Brewery have a costume party Sunday just for you: GastroBall, the occasion to dress like your favorite tart (the pastry kind), or honey (the bee kind).

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Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas, 1 of 6

Nearly a year in the making, this story was for me, in Yoda-speak, but with complete seriousness, and not just to prove to my accountant that last year's Vegas trip was indeed expensible. No idea what I'm talking about? The financial reality of freelance life. Here's a glimpse into the payoff of being semi observant while playing in a casino:
JOINING THE LIKES OF Armani, Baccarat and Missoni, the upscale Japanese restaurant chain Nobu is adding "luxury hotel" to its offerings, opening its first of six planned Nobu Hotels in Las Vegas in January. Riyadh and London locations are scheduled for later in 2013...
Read complete story: Nobu Puts Crash Pads on the Menu: The Japanese restaurant group takes hospitality-mania to the next level. Image a "Nobu King" room, courtesy of Caesar's.

things to eat, drink and do in Montauk, year-round

Don’t take it personally when your favorite coffee shop closes after Labor Day; they may be doing it for you. When the summer folks exit, so do many of the helping hands a business needs to operate. Without chefs and waiters and other staff, well, let’s just say it’s better for everyone if you make friends with your fishmonger and vegetable farmer. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend every day and night at home. In fact, throughout the fall and beyond, many spots in Montauk will be open, at least on weekends. And activities abound...

If you can't get a copy of Edible East End's Fall 2012 issue (out now!) here's Off Season in Montauk: things to eat, drink and do in Montauk after summer is done.

bartenders are mixing up drinks with an alcohol content just for you


Throughout the boroughs, you can’t throw a piece of hand-crushed ice without hitting a fancy cocktail. These days no serious New Yorker would drink anything made with a mix or powder, and no serious bartender would use them. Fresh squeezed juice, house-made syrups, a seemingly endless variety of bitters have become as usual, and demanded, as soda and lime. That means we’re ready for more. On cue the next frontier of cocktailing has arrived: extreme proof.

Read complete Low- and High- Proof Cocktail story in Sunday's New York Post.

Apple Picking and More (Way More) in the Hudson Valley


Once the primary attraction at almost any orchard, apples — and the trees that grow them — must now compete with DJs, live bands, petting zoos, homemade treats and hayrides for attention. If your idea of pastoral includes a cow-shaped bouncy castle, you’ve come to the right place.

Read all about leaving the Big Apple in search of Little Apples in Saturday's New York Post. And if you want to get out there yourself, go now: Apple season in NY is almost over.

Gourmet Hangover [Prevention] Food

Think a mediocre slice is the ideal après-drinking eat? Maybe when your ID was fake. Just because you can’t keep your head up doesn’t mean your stomach or dignity should suffer. These days drunkies in the know are going gourmet in the hours between leaving bar and passing out. And they’re doing it off St. Mark’s. That’s right, the options are popping up all over town. Literally. Here’s are some of the City’s greatest ways to soak up your night: Gourmet Hangover [Prevention] Food.

Past and Future Converge in Brooklyn Navy Yard's BLDG 92

BLDG92 FrontPano
The entrance atrium illustrates everything significant about BLDG 92, the exhibition and visitors’ center that opened last November at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, offering the public it’s first chance to enter its gates. In it you’ll see a bulky, 22,500-pound anchor from a ship built before the site was decommissioned in 1966, next to a sleek wind-solar street lamp by Duggal Visual Solutions, whose production facility opened there this year. Last weekend, we took a tour with Matthew Berman, principal at Workshop/apd, who teamed up with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners for a design-build process spanning over three years.

Read Complete Story (and see awesome slideshow): Touring Building 92

Live From Lincoln Center

The other night I had the pleasure of landing on PBS and watching the Opening Gala of the New York Philharmonic Live From Lincoln Center which immediately prompted me to get Live AT Lincoln Center. Actually, it immediately prompted me to watch Sherlock instead of Elementary, for which I am truly grateful. Days later I made it to a seat in Avery Fisher Hall. Too long since I was last there. My point? Go. As soon as possible. And hope the woman two seats away from you is not practicing tying/untying knots in a plastic bag. Also hope coughers take the free cough drops. Incredible sound quality enhances even the least incredible of sounds.

Photographer at Work: Eilon Paz


Eilon and I spent an afternoon in Central Park, Oktoberfesting it up with lots and lots of people in costume for New York Post story: Hold Your Booze!, about the 4th Annual National Maßkrugstemmen Championship, and various Maßkrugstemmen events around town. That's the sport you win by holding up a stein full of beer longer than your competition. It's unbelievably difficult.