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The Fiscal Power of Taking Green Global

Villa Flora, by Kristinsson Architecten

“The built environment is increasingly recognized as central to human productivity and health, economic prosperity, as well as community development and a nation’s ability to provide a high-quality life for all its citizens,” says Jane Henley, Chief Executive Officer, World Green Building Council, which represents some 20,000 organizations. More than three-and-a-quarter billion square-feet of building space worldwide is registered to achieve a green rating.

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Party with all Parties on Election Night in NYC


When you hear the word “party” in political coverage do you interpret it as a call to action? We do, and we’re not alone. Bars and clubs around town know crossing party lines is where it’s at. If you’re voting for one of the two major candidates but want to party nonpartisan-style, here are some election night bashes in NYC where you can drink, eat, laugh, play and even dance while watching the returns on TV (third party supporters welcome too though don’t expect special cocktails in your name):
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Austin's Kimber Modern by Burton Baldridge Architects

Photo by Casey Dunn

Austin, Texas-based Burton Baldridge Architects completed construction of the local seven-room Kimber Modern bed-and-breakfast in 2008. The accolades were immediate. But it was only in 2012 that Burton Baldridge himself joined the AIA and officially submitted the well regarded South Austin property for an award. To the surprise of no one (including the jury, who wondered only what had taken so long), this fall the firm was selected from among 227 entries to win one of 13 Texas Society of Architects Design Awards.

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NYC Marathon Cancelled; Riot Averted


It's hard to find a NYer who supported the running of the NYC Marathon given the widespread and severe devastation left by Hurricane Sandy. Are we mindful of the 47000 people who trained and prepared? Of course. We support them too, but we know how to prioritize here.

Looking for something to do on Sunday? Volunteer opportunities are easy to find. Check out the NYC Service Website to find out what you can do to help the City now.