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Winter’s Catch at Harvest in Montauk

photo courtesy of John Erb

Looking at magazine covers, we could believe winter dining consists entirely of whole birds, meat stew and holiday cookies. But anyone who spends time in Montauk knows fish is always in season. At Harvest on Fort Pond—open all year, closed Mondays—winter is the perfect time to eat the local catch.

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Innovation in Health Care Design

Oklahoma ProCure
Oklahoma ProCure, photo by Jonathan Hillyer

As the world’s population ages, and life expectancy increases, health care becomes a primary issue. How can architects and designers respond to today’s health care needs to create comforting environments that allow for new technologies? Thoughtfulness and innovation, of course.

“The health care facility is viewed as a positive resource,” says Jocelyn Frederick, AIA, Jury Chair for the 2012 AIA National Healthcare Design Awards.  “One that contributes to and is an extension of the community's health.  This is more than just creating patient friendly satellite facilities; it is about creating public venues that allow the neighborhood to be active in both the institution and most importantly, their personal well being.”

The coming year, says Frederick, will reveal greater integration of the design of the built environment in contributing to the well being of the end user, and continued focus on the patient, family and staff experience.

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What to Eat in Austin Right Now


So I went down to Austin and did a bunch of eating...

Once again I must say the print version of a story is better than the online version, but here it is anyway: What to Eat in Austin Right Now.

Some worthy dishes and restaurants did not make the list due to space. I'll get them up here for you eventually. For now enjoy coffee, salsa verde, egg and chorizo taco, egg and potato taco, from La Fruta Feliz (above). Qué bueno.