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Tour Cincinnati with The Mayor

This is what happens when I get to have coffee with the excellent Mayor of Cincinnati - Mark Mallory - and his city is cool:

Maybe you only think of Cincinnati on baseball’s Opening Day (the Reds are the only MLB team that always starts the season at home), or maybe you haven’t thought of the Queen City since Andy Travis tried to save the failing WKRP. Well, it’s time to start thinking.

The Cincinnati region, from southeast Indiana to northern Kentucky (the airport is there), and situated on the Ohio River, includes 2.1 million people. The Ohio city itself is properly home to about 300,000 (it’s Ohio’s third largest). And it’s invested $200 million (with some private help) in a revitalization that’s aimed to mirror its pre-WWI vitality.

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Yankees Spring Training in Tampa

Tampa Spring Training
Spring! Training! I am delighted to be an expert in this field (pun!)...

The Yankees spring training home opener is this Sunday, against Toronto. Home meaning Tampa, Fla. Through March 28, the team will shape up for the regular season at Steinbrenner Field. And you’re invited.

Spring training isn’t just for die-hard fans. Sure, you can check out the prospects and consider who might make the regular roster, but this is also about experiencing the national pastime on a smaller scale (in terms of seating: 11,026 versus 50,291; but the center-field wall is the same 408 feet). Yankee Stadium is awesome, but there’s nothing like hearing the crack of a bat and seeing what 195 pounds of Derek Jeter looks like when you’re crazy close to the field, something most of us rarely experience. Plus, it’s not freezing. Remember how good it feels to walk outside in a T-shirt?

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What Can Contemporary Design do for Religion?

Ulm Synagogue, image by Christian Richters
If you think religion is all about clustered columns and flying buttresses, you’ve not been to church in years. Modern religious architecture is in line with modern times.

“Whilst gothic styles are closely associated in the popular imagination with the archetypical church it would be a little pastiche to continue to build churches in that style today, not to mention prohibitively expensive and difficult to build,” says Stuart Piercy, Piercy&Company’s Director. The London-based firm recently unveiled its designs for the new Drayton Green Church in Ealing, West London.

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Touch of glass makes beer better

Spiegelau Beer Glass Tasting (aka this reporter's beer glass conversion)
Craft beer has never been more valued in this country than it is now. Fortunately, we New Yorkers have access to an impressive range of products. But tasting a brew at its source, following a tour of its preparation, is like tasting it for the first time. And now many brewers all over the US are ramping up this experience by pairing your favorite beer with a glass that perfectly showcases its best assets: look, aroma, taste. The right glass is a combination of ideal height, diameter and shape to showcase the good stuff.
Sound intimidating? Pretentious? Unnecessary? Fuggedaboudit.

Today, the first IPA-specific glasses, created by German glassmaker Spiegelau in collaboration with Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, are being unveiled at both breweries...

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Photographer at Work: Anne Wermiel


I got to watch another photographer at work for my recent Super Bowl Food/Party story - Anne Wermiel. Nice to be reminded of the artistry beyond the phone.
Here's my part...

This year’s Super Bowl may be lacking in big blues and gang greens, but that doesn’t mean your party has to lack in color, or spirit. We reached out to two NYC chefs — who are fans of the teams actually playing — for suggestions of eats to celebrate both San Francisco and Baltimore. Here are four quarters worth of party food to put you in the mood at kickoff time...

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