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Chillax country-style in New Mexico


New Mexico, which was part of the Spanish empire and Mexico before becoming a US territory that turned into a state, should be on your must-visit list. It’s the perfect place to be awed by how gorgeous your country is (high desert is crazy colorful) while simultaneously needing to remind yourself you’re still in your country (the adobe stops seeming like a gimmicky amusement park within hours).

Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders were here (you knew that) and D. H. Lawrence, too, among countless other creative/ahead-of-their-time types.

And JetBlue just made it a lot easier to see what drew them. Nonstop JFK-Albuquerque flights started in April. That hasn’t happened since TWA in the late ’80s. There’s one daily each way from $99 (

There are countless places we could send you, but Santa Fe, Albuquerque and I-25, the highway between the two, are the best way to start.

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Workplace Strategy's Impact on Interior Design

AT&T Foundry_1_LR
AT&T Foundry, courtesy of Gensler
Aligning work habits with work environment to facilitate efficiency. Sounds like something business owners should have been considering all along, but perhaps fewer hours (remember 9 to 5?) and longer lunches (not to mention liquid) negated the need for ergonomic furniture and corners conducive to collaboration. Either way, Workplace Strategy has become as important as hiring strategies, to entice and keep the most talent staff, and cultivate results. And that means strategists – both independent and within large firms – are among the most sought after designers around.

“The role of the workplace strategist is to get to know the organization in a really deep way,” says Randy Howder, Gensler workplace strategist. “It’s more than just one vision session. It’s really living with the client, like how Frank Lloyd Wright used to go live with clients, to really respond to the environment.”

Living is more significant than ever when it comes to working. Ask anyone in design and they’ll tell you the lines between residence and office are blurring.

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Preakness Stakes and much more: Visit Baltimore

The Preakness Stakes takes places this Saturday at Baltimore’s Pimlico Racetrack. If you’re one of the 6,000 people inside the Corporate Village and Turfside Terrace, you’ll be part of the world’s largest farm-to-table event yet: Besides the traditional crab cakes and Chesapeake Gold Oysters, this year the Maryland Jockey Club asked chef Mike Isabella to create a menu with other state products like sheep’s milk and lemon thyme.
And overall, Baltimore has upped its game — from food to fun. So whether your money is on Orb or Oxbow, a trip here is a safe bet.

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Here are some more photos by me...

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