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Bruno Munro Brings Light Field to Cheekwood

Mansion-Field of Light panorama
Bruce Munro, Field of Light, installation view, 2013. Photo by Kyle Dreier.

Bruce Munro’s second large-scale (to say the least) U.S. art installation is on view through November 10 at Cheekwood, a sweeping 55-acre historic estate, and now museum and gardens, in Nashville, TN.

“Installation art begins with the meeting of the person and the space,” says the lighting designer. Pieces like “Light Shower” and “Bell Chandelier” were created with Cheekwood’s 1920’s Georgian-style mansion in mind, by Munro’s team of 13 designers and technicians. “You need to contrast ornate with simple in design,” he says. “You don't want light to be dancing too loudly.”

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Water Makes a Splash in Interiors and Architecture

Huvafen Fushi Maldives, Per AQUUM
Water is an enormous part of the earth, our bodies, and our lives. Its presence is vital. And its absence, well, we don’t want to think about that. Which is perhaps why people love to see, hear, smell, and feel water as much as consume it. So it’s no surprise that water elements are appearing indoors as much as out these days, from mini tabletop waterfalls (so zen) to water walls (so tall) to the awesome spa at Huvafen Fushi, in the Maldives (so underwater).

“Water is the equilibrium and elixir of life - restorative, calming, balancing and renewing vitality,” says a spokesperson for Per AQUUM, who developed the still unique spa and resort in 2004. “The spa’s underwater treatment rooms create a rejuvenating encounter with water in a way that no other spa in the world has done.”

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NYC's best Lemonade, with a twist

Sage General Store Raspberry Lemonade on the 7 Train
Lemonade is the world’s most universal drink. Most of us know it as a lemon-sugar-water concoction, with ratios tailored to palate. No matter the recipe, however, lemonade’s acid-meets-sweet can make any moment, anywhere, better. And it’s never more satisfying than when subways and sidewalks are sweltering. We love a classic - try the Fresh Squeezed at Nicoletta (160 Second Ave., 212-432-1600) for an ideal, pure taste, $4 – but we’ll trip over our flip flops for creative derivatives of the three ingredient original.

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And a few more:

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Nashville’s cookin’: Music City hums with star chefs and fantastic food

Country Music Hall of Fame, a giant wall
Nashville is in the groove. And music is just part of it. And country music is just part of that. Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi and the Black Keys are just some of the musicians to record in the city, first settled in 1779 as Nashborough. President Andrew Jackson’s wife was there then. You can tour the extraordinarily preserved estate (replica slave quarters included) where the couple lived (1804-1845) and are buried: The Hermitage. Also, go to Cheekwood; the stunning 55-acre botanical garden and American art museum is host to Bruce Munro’s “Light,” installed inside and out. A night viewing of “Field of Light” (Wednesdays to Fridays until Nov. 10) will blow your mind.

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Martin's BBQ
A visitor’s guide and a rental car (easier and ultimately cheaper than cabs) can get you to other museums (Johnny Cash!), halls of fame (Songwriters!), historical sites and live music. And Nashville is also a great place to eat. We spoke to, and ate with, some of the city’s best chefs, local musicians and the mayor to create this guide...

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