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Summer Heat, Food and Drink Invites Ants Indoors


This is an unedited story I wrote that never made it to print, twice. I landed on it during an unrelated search in my inbox. Outlook, sometimes I really miss you. Anyway, since the nephew I reference just had a birthday, and the opposite of Summer Heat is upon us it's obviously the right time to share...

Ants are the summer houseguests who never leave, the party crashers, and the living reminders to clean your counters. And stovetops. And floors.

“Ants like to vacation in the Hamptons as much as other individuals,” says Bob Nardy. “They’re attracted to food and moisture; that leads them indoors.” He should know. Bob and his family’s business – Nardy Pest Control - have provided pest control services to the East End since 1953. The company was started by Bob’s father, and these days his son David is out servicing houses. I spoke to Bob to get the lowdown on ants.

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