Glen Weiss: REBNY Young Man/Woman of the Year Award Winner
Peter Hauspurg: Louis Smadbeck Broker Recognition Award Winner

Daniel Kindbergh: George M. Brooker Management Executive of the Year Award Winner

A certified public accountant since 1982, Daniel Kindbergh was in the audit world for about four years before he joined E. F. Hutton as an accountant administering real estate limited partnerships. He moved to the operations side of real estate in 1996, around the time Olympia (his then-employer) was purchased by Brookfield Property Partners.

In those days—with no legal team (just one lawyer), no marketing team, and so forth—everyone did everything, like writing and negotiating contracts. And there wasn’t the software available today. Every task was completed manually and fortunately Mr. Kindbergh has the ability to talk to anyone and everyone: senior executives in the business world, engineers and mechanics. 

“I always had that inclination,” he said. “As a kid I worked on cars with my dad. I’m not the most technical guy around but I know enough not to get fooled.”

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