Daniel Kindbergh: George M. Brooker Management Executive of the Year Award Winner
William Rudin: The Bernard H. Mendik Lifetime Leadership in Real Estate Award Recipient

Peter Hauspurg: Louis Smadbeck Broker Recognition Award Winner

Peter-1Peter Hauspurg, who founded Eastern Consolidated in 1981 with his partner and wife Daun Paris, has a law degree from Fordham University. Admittedly “not a natural at practicing law,” his background has been invaluable in commercial real estate.

“It’s helpful to speak the same language as the people putting the deals together,” he said, referring to the back and forth of contract negotiations.“It’s like being the only non-Russian speaker in a room. As soon as you learn Russian you realize, ‘Jesus, you don’t know any more than I do.’ ”Always intrigued by numbers, Mr. Hauspurg specialized in tax law. But the minutiae of the year-to-year changing provisions was unappealing. Now he employs experts to, say, find ways for a C-Corp selling a property to avoid double-taxation.

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