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You Can Now Build a Multi-Million Dollar Home via Your iPad

HBThere are apps for real estate sales, apps for paint color, apps for arranging furniture, and apps for making the best use of natural light. But until now, there was no app for that most fundamental process of homesteading: creating a new one from scratch. In the coming weeks Al Hamra Real Estate Development will unveil its all-inclusive Home Builder app.
All you need is an iPad and five million UAE Dirham ($1.36 million), to start. Swipe and spend has never been so elite.

Designed by A++ Architecture Design and Communication, Home Builder starts with property acquisition and ends with finishes and furnishings. Well, to be precise, it ends with a form sent to a sales person to calculate a price to purchase. This means less time and fewer people and permits in your way, plus a more gratifying (literal) hands-on experience in the process.

During an e-mail interview earlier this month, Paolo Colombo, a partner at A++, relayed his excitement at receiving the brief for the app. The challenge, he said, was to create something both visually stimulating and user friendly. “There were so many ways to approach a project like this and so many possibilities to consider.”

One kitchen, or two? Three-car garage, or four? Five bathrooms or 13? These are the kinds of questions you might ask yourself when shopping. Especially online.

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