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Buenos Aires: Steak in Translation

image from “carne” in Buenos Aires and everyone will hear “beef”. The significance of steak in Argentina is so paramount that poultry and pork barely register as “meat”. And that’s just the start of the language of “bife”. We’re not saying skip the cordero (lamb) but here’s a guide to ordering the cut you want.


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Other Vocabulary Basics:

Parilla: a grate over direct heat (aka: a grill); a restaurant specializing in food cooked on a parilla

Parrillada: a combination grill platter that may include the likes of chinchulines (intestine) and criadillas (testicles). Go for it at least once – the time you don’t want a straight up steak - and share.

Chimichurri: an herby (usually parsley), garlicy, peppery, vinegary condiment that’s tasty with, well, everything.

La cuenta: the bill


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