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Midnight Breakfast in NYC

image from line, somewhat unexpectedly, ran down West 118th Street. It was ‘round midnight at Minton’s, where icons like Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk entertained the slick and in-the-know from 1938 into the ’60s. A fire in the building closed the club in the early ’70s. Its most recent resurrection in 2013 by Richard Parsons, former chairman and CEO of Time Warner, and chef-restaurateur Alexander Smalls draws nonstop crowds for its acclaimed musicians and the kitchen it shares with one of the city’s hottest dining destinations: The Cecil, but never in the after-hours tradition. Until now.

The lure? Breakfast. Of the ham-and-sunnyside-up-egg-with-fig-jelly-on-a-biscuit variety. In other words: carbohydrate and nostalgia-rich, American-style comfort.

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