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Dinner with Djokovic

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What Djokovic Didn't Eat (this is his plate)

If you know anything about tennis, you know you always RSVP “yes” to invite-only events involving top-ranked players and wine.

That’s how I ended up sipping (read: drinking from an ingenious funnel-cup attachment to a mini Moët bottle) champagne with Roger Federer (read: he was not drinking and also in a private pen). And, later that night, how I ended up tipping a cabbie 200 percent (see: funnel-cup; don’t see: touch-screen extra zero). And it’s also how I ended up sipping pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon with Novak Djokovic (read on).

Three days before the start of the U.S. Open, the world’s No. 1 ranked men’s singles tennis player and the tournament’s top men’s seed was holding court in a private space at the Astor Center, teaching a cooking class. Obviously. Famous for the five-year-old diet (no gluten, no dairy) that’s credited with catapulting his career, Djokovic takes his eating seriously. Even—or perhaps especially—when he’s aiming for his third major title of the year.

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spices smell delicious

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