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The playroom at Hunters Point South. (Photo: courtesy Related Companies)

In years past—olden times and post-college times—it was a coup to land an apartment in a building with a laundry room in the basement. Hauling dirty clothes and towels across the street never gets fun (especially if that street is, say, Second Avenue and a subway tunnel is in the works). Perhaps you had an elevator. Hauling groceries up six flights never gets easier, nor does your strength increase or your weight decrease due to this forced exercise. (Fortunately it’s possible your refrigerator wasn’t full-size.)

Perhaps you graduated to an elevator, then a doorman and a gym. Today, however, these elements are more likely to be considered necessities than amenities. Comfort and pleasure are expected, and increasingly built in. And while anyone who has ever had a private washing machine and dryer can assure you their quality of life was vastly improved, it’s simply not enough anymore. The city’s newest residential buildings—many still in the works—are offering oh so much more.

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