'Good’ Fat Is Fashionable At These Top NYC Restaurants
La Pecora Bianca at 1133 Broadway, NYC

In the (Construction) Zone, NYC

Debris, noise, unpleasant odors, obstacles, lack of water, restricted or no use of elevator, lead and silica particles in incessant dust, life-threatening hazards: this is what construction looks like inside occupied buildings. Residential construction is a current fact of life in New York City, and for some, it’s not a matter of walking by or around, but living through. 

“My neighbor saw the workers fleeing the building,” Upper West Side resident Leslie Pearson told the Observer. “Her gas meter, the prewar, old-fashioned kind, was spinning round and round. So we called Con Edison and they figured out someone had accidentally cut the gas line. But no one knocked on any doors. They just fled.”

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