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The Best Part of Pokémon Go Is Not What You Think

Across the street from The Plaza.
The launch of Pokémon Go on July 6 was insignificant for me. I have no connection to the creatures or the trading cards. I do not play video games. Hearing of people walking into highways and bodies of water while playing did nothing to incite my interest. Then my brother began playing with our nephews. They’re six and eight. Watching their amazement was exciting. The digital world made real. Within minutes they’d each caught one.
Three days later I had an appointment across town, requiring significant walking and a bus. It was time. After downloading the app I quickly appreciated how many Pokémon Go users there are, as no variation of my name was available. I consulted a menu, avoiding the most obvious words. Not available: sunchoke, mackerel, tangerine, tagliatelle. Wow. I settled on bitterlettuces, then created my avatar. I was ready to go. I knew none of the rules.
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